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'''NPC Character Race:'''<br>
'''NPC Character Race/Class:'''<br>
Void Cat
Void Cat/unknown
'''NPC Character Role:'''<br>
'''NPC Character Role:'''<br>

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NPC Character Name:

NPC Character Campaign:

NPC Character Race/Class:
Void Cat/unknown

NPC Character Role:
Guide in the Fey

NPC Character Relationship:

NPC Character Location:
The Fey

NPC Character History:
Buckle was introduced to the party as they entered the Fey. He introduced himself verbally and followed the party around informing them about basic rules of the Fey. Buckle comes and goes as he pleases and may have unusual questions for the party, on one such occasion Buckle inquired to each members dream they had while they slept. Some members of the party are overly fond of Buckle, but he casually ignores any affection they send his way.

Buckle has stated that he is part of the Fey and on some occasions has shown to be a powerful creature.